Hair fall/loss

Male Pattern Baldness : Androgenic alopecia
Genetic (and possibly environmental) factors like stress both physical and mental, pollution, malnourishment, age, etc play a role in androgenic alopecia. Although researchers have long studied the factors that may contribute to this condition, many remain unknown.Hair loss is related to hormones called androgens, particularly dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Understanding Male pattern baldness is important for its treatment. Overcoming the root cause which can be corrected to some level

(physical and/or mental stress, alcohol,smoking, nutrition, obesity, pollution, dandruff and other diseases of scalp, other medical illness)

along with Advanced Cosmetic procedures and medicines., will help patient reduce hair loss/fall and regrowth of hair is possible. Needless to say results vary from individual to individual taking into consideration above said environmental and physical factors.


Treatment :

One or Combination of the treatments discussed below.

Topical applications :

Anti-dandruff lotions/shampoos for dandruff treatment

Anti-hair fall/loss solution/lotion/foam


Multivitamin and hair vitamin capsules

Cosmetic Procedures

Derma-roller treatment


Surgical Procedures

Hair Transplant

Others:  Hair Weaving