Botox – The New AGE SCIENCE

Discover a younger, firmer and beautiful Skin

1. What is Botox :
A natural purified protein, Botulinum toxin type A, relaxes your facial muscles thats causes wrinkles or facial lines, creating a smoothened, rejuvenated and more youthful and attractive appearance.

2. Who can perform Botox procedures : Only trained Dermatologists skilled in Botox treatments can perform the Botox procedures

3. How long is the procedure and how many months the effect last? : The procedure takes only 10minutes, visible results are seen in 7 – 14 days, and its effects last for about 6 months.

4. Where can be BOTOX given ? :
It can be given in areas where lines or wrinkles have formed, example – forehead horizontal lines, frown lines (near the eyebrows), Bunny lines ( lines on the nose), marionette line (at the angle of mouth that gives you upset look), eyebrow lift or shaping, Crows feet (lines formed at the angle of the eyes while laughing or smiling) BOTOX is also highly effective in hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating. How you look has a great impact on how you feel, thus, With BOTOX you rediscover your natural beauty in a natural way !


Dr Ravindra Dargainya

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