Winter Skin Care Tips



Have a warm water (not too hot)  shower daily, its important for the hygiene of your skin. You should do so in winter too. Keep these winter skin care tips in mind when stepping into the shower:

Avoid harsh soaps and stick with mild non-drying soaps.
Apply your moisturizing cream immediately after bathing and toweling dry (when the skin is still moist), This will seal the moisture.

Select a really good moisturizer. Without doubt, this is the most important winter skin care tip.

For your day cream,choose a Good Moisturizers, it forms a protective barrier against the environment and its elements. Apply moisturizers to dry prone areas like face,lips, hands,and feet.

Are you suffering from painful cracks around the fingertips,or feet? Do you have hard and dry skin on the hands or feet?

You may need some prescription options or antibiotic ointments and good moisturizers to treat and heal the cracks and fissured areas.

Do you have a past history of this type of condition? In this case, plan ahead and keep your regular therapeutic creams handy. Apply them before any fissures form.

Do you have psoriasis or eczemas? Consult Dermatologist and keep your prescriptions and ointments handy. Ask your doctor about the moisturizers that you should use.

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